Our Office of Industrial Design, created in 2012, was born in
response to the need to generate innovative solutions and integral solutions
that make the difference, through the coordinated work of young minds,
creative, serious and committed to the development of ideas and Quality
products for our customers, to incorporate true value to the requirements of
our customers.

We focus on the development of a line of products with
indigenous identity, such as accessories for decoration, clothing and others,
that rescue the classic iconography of the indigenous peoples of Chile, and is
the differentiating element, which brings true value to our design proposals .
During 2015, we started the generation of the new product line, the Conadi
eave, which provided funds for the project.

The new Lok’iac brand was
officially presented at the World Indigenous Entrepreneurs Forum held in
October in Honolulu, Hawaii, with great success. Itsfounder
and owner, Patricia Tamblay, belongs to the Diaguita ethnicity, and seeks to
contribute from its own professional discipline – the design – to generate
cultural transfer, through the national and international commercialization of
products, that rescue the ancestral tradition of our country.

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